Friday, 8 June 2012

At What Age Can Kids Start Jump Rope?

Most kids naturally start jump roping from an early age whether it be at school with friends or out playing with friends.  There really isn't no age restriction as to who can jump rope, once the skill is aquired it is just like riding a bike!

Skipping as it's called by young ones can not only be fun but extremely healthy too.  In a world where obesity is a growing problem, especially in the US, skipping encourages kids to not only have fun but stay healthy too.

For those parents or adults wanting to teach a child to enjoy this excellent form of cardio you should start off slow teaching them the basic jump where both feet leave the floor per skip.  Once this is down to a tee other more intricate tricks can be accomplished which will not only be fun for the child but allows them to develop a great sense of achievement which is crucial in reinforcing a positive mental attitude.

If you really want to go old skool you could always go back to the playground skip whereby 2 turn the rope nds kids take turns jumping in completeing as many skips as possible. Who said you have to get old! Join in the fun!

Who said your too young too start!


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